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Law Development Commission

Law Development Commission

The Commission is established under the Law Development Commission Act . Its functions are governed by the Law Development Commission Act [ Chapter 1:02 ], and the Statute Law Compilation and Reform Act [ Chapter 1:03 ].

Law Reform

1. Promote the development and reform laws.
2. Review the laws and their administration.
3. Propose removing policy or substantive defects from laws.
4. Propose the simplification or codification of branches of law.
5. Propose the alignment of laws with current national and international trends.
6. Propose the fusion or harmonisation of customary law with general law.
7. Increase public and governmental awareness of the law.
8. Propose improved procedures for law administration and justice dispensation.

Law Revision

1. Compile statutes in revised form and maintain updated versions.
2. Issue replacement pages for errors or amendments in loose-leaf compiled statutes.
3. Arrange statutes conveniently and assign identifying numbers.
4. Consolidate similar statutes into one.
5. Adjust marginal notes, headings, and insert tables for better organisation.
6. Create tables, indexes, and correct cross-references.
7. Omit unnecessary enacting provisions or amending/repealing statutes.
8. Make minor verbal corrections without changing the statute’s meaning.
9. Omit or alter savings provisions within statutes.
10. Adjust statutes to match the Constitution, this Act, and the Interpretation Act.
11. Update names, locations, offices, to match current circumstances in Zimbabwe.
12. Consider suggestions from courts, legal professionals, and others.
13. Rearrange and renumber sections, subsections, as needed.
14. Modify section forms and arrangements for clarity.
15. Perform all other necessary tasks related to form and method to achieve the objectives, including compiling statutes in revised form, whether loose-leaf ,and ensuring continuous revision to maintain each statute’s up-to-date text as a single document.

What we do Our Mission Our Vision

Law development, reform and revision among others:

  • Align the law with current national and international trends
  • Eliminate defects from the law
  • Review the law and its administration; and
  • To revise and update statutes in terms of the statutes law compilation and revision act [Chapter 1:03]


To contribute to the attainment of an equitable and just legal system through the revision harmonization, development and reform of the laws of Zimbabwe

An equitable and just legal system with effective and accessible law


  • New government Complex Simon Muzenda Street/Central Avenue Harare
  • +263 242 774 620-9
  • ldc@justice.gov.zw


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