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Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services

Prisons and Correctional Services

Prisons and Correctional Services department is responsible for the management and administration of correctional facilities, as well as the supervision and rehabilitation of individuals who have been convicted of crimes and sentenced to incarceration. The primary objectives of Prisons and Correctional Services are to ensure public safety, enforce penalties imposed by the criminal justice system, and facilitate the rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders back into society. 


  • Incarcerate, rehabilitate and reintegrate offenders;
  • Protect society by providing custodial services;
  • Provide behavioural change or reforms to inmates through engaging them in economic and development activities;
  • Promote Human Capital development through employment of inmates in Prison workshops;
  • Facilitate skill acquisition to inmates through education, training and development;
  • Assist inmates to realise alternative sources of livelihoods thereby empowering them socially, economically and psychologically;
  • Provide an effective health delivery system to both inmates and Officers including some needy members of the society; and
  • Empowering employees through provision of Entrepreneur development skills.


  • New government Complex Simon Muzenda Street/Central Avenue Harare
  • +263 242771256/64
  • support@justice.gov.zw


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