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Q:    Which people does the Legal Aid Directorate assist?

A:    The Legal Aid Directorate was established to assist the less privileged members of the society and not those who are able to pay legal fees. Those who are found to be able to pay legal fees for lawyers in private practice will not be assisted by the Directorate.

Q:    Can I be assisted when I am not in Harare or Bulawayo where there are no Legal Aid offices?

A:    Currently the Directorate has two offices in Bulawayo and Harare but people can call at our offices or phone us at these offices and we can make appropriate arrangements for such people to be assisted in those areas where we do not have offices where we have our co-operating partners.

Q:    Do you only defend cases?

A:    In criminal cases we only defend because the prosecution is done by the     Attorney General. In civil cases we can either sue or defend depending on the client’s instructions. However, we cannot defend and sue at the same time e.g. a client has a file opened at the Directorate. We cannot assist the opposing party.

Q:    Do we deal with all cases?

A:    Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to deal with all cases e.g. adultery cases, defamation, breach of promise to marry, pretty criminal cases involving adults, maintenance cases, amongst others.