The Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs - Mrs V. Mabiza poses for a photo during a Strategic Plan Review Workshop. 



The Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary is committed to coming up with strategies that are in line with local and international trends which are also in support of the new dispensation.

Speaking during a Strategic Plan Review Workshop which is running from 5 -9 February 2018 in Kadoma, the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry Mrs Virginia Mabiza said the workshop would enhance the efficient and effective use of resources.

“This is an important workshop as it will determine what we do for the next eleven months which is the last year of our 5 year Strategic Plan for 2014 to 2018 in fulfillment of our mandate.

“As we all know that the Strategic Plan provides us with a framework that enhances the efficient and effective use of resources and helps us as a Ministry to position ourselves strategically to changes taking place in the environment.

“We however, have to focus on local and international trends now that we are in a new dispensation which requires us to fulfill our 100 day plan or Rapid Results Initiatives, “said Mrs Mabiza.

Mrs Mabiza said the ministry managed to align various pieces of legislation to the constitution, computerization of Deeds Office, offender rehabilitation and decentralization of essential services in an effort to ensure accessible justice delivery.

“We have made many achievements in the area of decentralization of legal aid and civil litigation, computerization of the Deeds Office and rehabilitation of offenders.

“Although we feel there is much that we can do, resources permitting we still need to strategise in this workshop on ways to accomplish our original five year plan.

“Our ultimate aim in developing this Strategic Plan is to translate the Ministry’s vision into a more operational plan by aligning our priorities and programmes  to the constitution and current Government policies such as Rapid Results Initiatives, Programme Based Budgeting, Ease of Doing Business and ZIMASSET,” she said.


The Strategic Plan outlines the strategic direction and strategic moves that will be implemented to fulfil the needs and desires of clients and stakeholders. The macro and micro environment should be assessed strategically to determine the strategic factors that will influence the Ministry’s performance.

This plan seeks to rally and guide the independent decisions and actions of the ministry, its departments and employees towards the attainment of the vision, which is to “Achieve accessible world class justice for all by 2020”. In pursuit of the vision, the Ministry has to achieve results in the following key areas; Justice delivery, Incarceration and rehabilitation of offenders and Public sector accountability and transparency laws.

Author: L Mashange (Public Relations)


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