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The Inter-Ministerial Task Force on the Alignment of Legislation to the Constitution (IMT) was established by cabinet in February 2015 as an institutional platform/ structure aimed at facilitating the legislative alignment process. The IMT consists of legal advisors, senior state counsels and representatives from all Government Ministries. The IMT is chaired by the Attorney General and its role is to oversee the implementation of the Constitution. 

The specific functions of the IMT are as follows:

  1. to ensure a concerted effort towards the implementation of the Constitution
  2. to identify the new policy areas that should be operationalized by means of statute law
  3. to receive and advise on progress reports received from line Ministries
  4. to facilitate public/stakeholder engagement in the process of constitutional implementation, and
  5. to engage Parliament on the need to expedite the passing of Bills aimed at alignment with the Constitution.

Structure of the Inter-Ministerial Taskforce

The IMT‘s structure is also composed of the Inter-Ministerial (Policy-level) Committee and the   Inter-Ministerial (Technical Level) Committee. The IMT (Policy Level) Committee is a high level Committee whose role is to provide policy guidance and oversight on the functions of the IMT. The Committee consists of Permanent Secretaries from all Government Ministries.

Activities of the IMT

The implementation activities of the IMT include but are not limited to the following:

  1. provision of technical research support to Line Ministries (upon their request) for the development of Discussion Papers
  2. provision of direct technical drafting support to all Line  Ministries (upon request) for the development of draft Bills
  3. facilitating the holding of national stakeholder consultation workshops on draft Bills under review